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I have given hundreds of keynote speeches both in Finland and abroad. Among the topics I love to talk about are: Radiant health, superfoods, adaptogens, medicinal mushrooms, biohacking, sports nutrition, wild foods and food trends.

You can find an example of typical lecture topic & content below.


Superlatives to your plate

This lecture offers a broad look into the best nutritional and medicinal plants in the world, and their benefits, history and ways of use. How can we utilize the nutritionally superb plants from our own back yard in a practical way? How can we benefit from traditional medicinal plants in order to prevent illnesses? During the presentation we'll dive deeper into the history and therapeutic properties, as well as practical and culinary aspects of local berries, wild herbs, animal products and mushrooms. 

Lecture goes trough topics like:

  • Plant domestication and its impact on our current food culture
  • Unique possibilities of our time
  • History and therapeutic uses of medicinal plants and wild foods
  • Creating invincible immunity
  • Introduction to herbalism and different diets – pros and cons
  • How to meet our nutritional needs our fastly changing environment?
  • Tonic herbs and adaptogens
  • Putting it all together – how to implement these ideas into practice?
  • Q & A